How Are Construction Papers Formed?
Construction papers also known as sugar papers are a type of coarse,tough, coloured papers. Their texture is slightly rough and the surface is mostly unfinished. because of using different kinds of materials, mainly wood pulp,some small particles are visible on the paper’s  surface. They are used for crafts,projects or other miscellaneous works.Today we are going to have a look at their production process:
First,medium-sized pieces of wood and high temp water are combined until a soft and thick mixture is structured. In a few occurrences, clothes and certain grasses are utilized as a part of the mixture to give paper an unpleasant surface.The watery mash gets to be thick by including reused paper, for example, old daily papers and magazine to its mixture. Shaded color is then added to the mixture to give the development paper its shade.The mash mixture is then pored over a wire transport line to divided the water, which makes the mixture less soft and sparkly.

The mash is then exchanged to warmed barrels where the mixture dries for 24 to 48 hours. The dried material of the water and mash turns into the recently shaped development paper.

Long sheets of paper are put on an enormous machine where they are set into a roll. The development paper is then stacked into a paper feeder where it is cut into huge sheets and put into stacks.

The long sheets of development paper are then put away into a stockroom until it is resolved what size they ought to be cut into. Standard development paper is accessible in a 9-by-12 inch size. Development paper is then wrapped in plastic and transported to stores.